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Interesting and Fun Things to Do in Newby Bridge

Newby Bridge Near Ulverston in Cumbria

Newby Bridge offers a blend of natural beauty and fun activities in the heart of the Lake District.

This village, located at the southern end of Lake Windermere, serves as the perfect gateway to Cumbria’s serene lakes and rolling hills.

From the nostalgic journey aboard the Newby Bridge Halt Railway Station’s steam train to the tranquil settings of Fell Foot Park, this guide will take you through the top attractions that make Newby Bridge a must-visit destination.

Immerse yourself in the captivating landscapes, engage in exhilarating water sports on Lake Windermere, and step back in time with a visit to the historic Finsthwaite Tower.

Not to forget the opportunity for a relaxing day at the Cascades Health Spa & Fitness Club or a delightful meal at the historic Whitewater Hotel.

14 Activities in Newby Bridge

  1. Visit the Cascades Health Spa & Fitness Club
  2. Newby Bridge Weir
  3. High Dam Tarn
  4. Fell Foot Park
  5. Water Sports on Lake Windermere
  6. The Lakes Aquarium
  7. Finsthwaite Tower
  8. Lakeland Motor Museum
  9. Bigland Hall Equine Group
  10. Backbarrow Iron Works
  11. Cliffhanger Rooms
  12. Lakeside & Haverthwaite Steam Railway
  13. Visit the Historic Whitewater Hotel for Food or Drinks
  14. Walking in the Local Area

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Let’s look at all these options in more detail and find the perfect Newby Bridge activities for your visit…

1. Visit the Cascades Health Spa & Fitness Club

The Cascades Health Spa & Fitness Club

This is the spot where fitness meets relaxation.

With a wide range of exercise equipment, you can get your heart pumping or join one of the many fitness classes.

After your workout, unwind in the spa with soothing treatments and massages that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or seeking a peaceful retreat, The Cascades has something for everyone.

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2. Newby Bridge Weir

The Actual Bridge at Newby Bridge

Newby Bridge Weir, located in the picturesque village of Newby Bridge at the southern tip of Lake Windermere, is a site of natural beauty and historical significance.

This area is renowned for its scenic views and tranquil atmosphere, making it a popular spot for visitors seeking a serene escape.

The weir itself is an essential part of the local water management system and contributes to the charm of the landscape.

It’s near the Newby Bridge, an attractive and historic bridge spanning the River Leven.

The area around the bridge and weir is a focal point in the village, with nearby hotels and shops adding to its allure.

3. High Dam Tarn

High Dam Tarn

High Dam Tarn, situated near Newby Bridge, offers a unique hiking experience in a picturesque landscape.

This walk, encompassing the lovely tarn of High Dam set in dense woodlands and the quaint village of Finsthwaite, provides a mix of terrains that make it a delightful excursion.

The walk around High Dam Tarn is notable for its varied landscape, which includes dense woodlands comprising birch, larch, oak, and Scots Pine.

The path to High Dam is somewhat rugged and uneven in places, making it unsuitable for pushchairs or wheelchairs.

As you approach High Dam, you’ll encounter Low Dam first.

The contrast between the two is striking, with High Dam being considerably larger and featuring a low wall running its length.



4. Fell Foot Park

Fell Foot Park

Fell Foot Park, nestled at the southern tip of Lake Windermere near Newby Bridge, is a delightful destination for those seeking a mix of leisure and nature.

This park, known for its scenic beauty and family-friendly atmosphere, offers a unique experience at the edge of England’s largest lake.

As you step into Fell Foot Park, you’re greeted with a landscape that blends the charm of the Lake District with accessible outdoor activities.

The park’s grounds are perfect for leisurely strolls, dog walking, and picnicking, with ample space to relax and enjoy the serene surroundings.

The proximity to Lake Windermere means water-based activities like paddling and swimming are popular.



5. Water Sports and Activities on Lake Windermere

Lake Windermere

Lake Windermere is a hub of activity, offering everything from boat tours and fishing to kayaking and paddleboarding.

It’s the perfect place for water sports enthusiasts or anyone who enjoys being on or near the water.

6. The Lakes Aquarium

The Lakes Aquarium

The Lakes Aquarium near Newby Bridge offers an engaging glimpse into aquatic life, featuring both local and exotic marine species.

It’s an educational and family-friendly attraction that emphasizes conservation and environmental awareness.

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7. Finsthwaite Tower

Finsthwaite Tower

Finsthwaite Tower, located in the Lake District near Newby Bridge, is a hidden gem steeped in history.

This intriguing folly tower, situated atop Finsthwaite Heights, offers a glimpse into the past and panoramic views of the surrounding area.

The tower is a notable landmark for its unique architecture and role as a memorial to historical events.

Its location amidst the picturesque landscapes of the Lake District makes it a rewarding destination for those interested in history and natural beauty.

The walk to the tower is an adventure in itself, leading visitors through the charming and serene countryside.

8. Lakeland Motor Museum

Lakeland Motor Museum

Step into a world of automotive history at the Lakeland Motor Museum.

Here, you’ll find an impressive collection of vintage cars, classic motorbikes, and unique automotive memorabilia.

The museum takes you on a nostalgic journey through the evolution of motoring, with informative and fascinating exhibits.

It’s a must-visit for car enthusiasts and history buffs.

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9. Bigland Hall Equine Group

Bigland Hall Equine Group

For horse lovers, Bigland Hall Equine Group offers a fantastic experience.

Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a beginner, there are horses and ponies to suit all abilities.

Enjoy guided rides through beautiful trails, learn horse riding from experienced instructors, or spend time with these magnificent animals.

It’s an ideal place for families and individuals who want to connect with nature and enjoy the thrill of horse riding.

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10. Backbarrow Iron Works

Backbarrow Iron Works

Dive into the industrial past at Backbarrow Iron Works, a historic site.

Once a bustling centre of iron production, it now stands as a testament to the area’s rich industrial heritage.

Visitors can explore the remains of the iron works, learn about the iron-making process, and discover the stories of those who worked there.

It’s a fascinating glimpse into a bygone era.

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11. Cliffhanger Rooms

Get ready for an adventure at Cliffhanger Rooms, where you can test your problem-solving skills in exciting escape rooms.

Each room offers a unique challenge and a story to unravel.

It’s a fun activity for groups, families, or anyone looking to exercise their brain in a thrilling setting.

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12. Lakeside & Haverthwaite Steam Railway

Lakeside & Haverthwaite Steam Railway Near Backbarrow in Cumbria

Step back in time on the Lakeside & Haverthwaite Steam Railway.

Experience the charm of vintage steam trains as you travel through beautiful countryside.

The journey offers stunning views and a glimpse into the golden age of rail travel.

It’s a perfect outing for families and railway enthusiasts.

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13. Visit the Historic Whitewater Hotel for Food or Drinks

The Whitewater Hotel

The Whitewater Hotel combines history with modern luxury.

You can enjoy delicious food and drinks here in a historic setting overlooking the scenic river.

It’s a great spot to relax after a day of exploring, offering a warm atmosphere and a menu to suit all tastes.

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Walking in the Local Area

Lindale Cumbria UK

The area around Newby Bridge offers some of the best walking trails.

Whether you’re looking for a gentle stroll or a challenging hike, there’s a path for every level of walker.

The trails offer breathtaking views, tranquil woodlands, and the chance to spot local wildlife.

Where is Newby Bridge?

Newby Bridge is a small hamlet in the Lake District, Cumbria, England.

Historically part of Lancashire, it’s situated several miles west of Grange-over-Sands and lies on the River Leven, close to the southern end of Windermere.

The hamlet is known for its intermediate halt on the Lakeside & Haverthwaite Railway, a heritage railway line.

A notable feature of the area is the A590 road, which runs through Newby Bridge, connecting Barrow-in-Furness to the M6 motorway near Kendal.

This location makes Newby Bridge a convenient and scenic gateway to the Lake District, offering easy access to the natural beauty of the area and its various attractions.

The proximity to Lake Windermere and the surrounding countryside provides various outdoor activities and exploration opportunities.


Why is Newby Bridge a Great Place to Visit?

Newby Bridge, in the Lake District, Cumbria, is a delightful destination for its seamless blend of natural beauty, historical charm, and various activities.

The area is steeped in history, particularly highlighted by its connection to the heritage Lakeside & Haverthwaite Railway, providing a nostalgic journey into the past.

The scenic beauty around Newby Bridge, including Lake Windermere and the River Leven, is captivating and ideal for various activities or simply relaxing and soaking in the views.

The proximity to the lake opens up numerous water-based activities, while the surrounding countryside is a haven for walkers and hikers.

This combination of history, natural beauty, and recreational opportunities makes Newby Bridge a unique and inviting destination for visitors.


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