Cartmel Weather Forecast and General Information

Cartmel Weather Forecast

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the weather in Cartmel, a picturesque village in the South Lakeland district of Cumbria.

Known for its historical significance, natural beauty, and the famous Cartmel Racecourse, this village is a gem in the heart of the Lake District.

This guide provides a detailed look into Cartmel’s seasonal weather patterns and insights into local amenities, making it an invaluable resource for residents and visitors.

Cartmel Weather Forecast


Like much of the Lake District, Cartmel experiences a temperate maritime climate.

This results in mild winters and relatively cool summers, with precipitation distributed throughout the year.

The village’s weather is significantly influenced by its proximity to the Irish Sea, which brings in moist air, leading to frequent but generally light rainfall.

Summers see average temperatures around 16°C to 20°C, while winters are usually around 3°C to 7°C.

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What is the Weather Like in Spring in Cartmel?

Spring in Cartmel is a delightful season, starting in March and continuing through May.

Temperatures gradually increase, ranging from 8°C to 15°C.

This period is marked by sunny and rainy days, with the countryside coming to life with blooming flowers and lush greenery.

The weather is ideal for outdoor activities, although it’s wise to carry an umbrella and wear layers to adapt to changing conditions.

What is the Weather Like in Summer in Cartmel?

Summer, spanning June to August, is a popular time to visit Cartmel.

The weather is generally mild and pleasant, with average daytime temperatures between 17°C and 22°C.

Rainfall is sporadic, and there are many sunny days, perfect for enjoying outdoor pursuits like hiking, cycling, and visiting the famous Cartmel Racecourse.

The evenings can be cooler, so a light jacket is advisable.

What is the Weather Like in Autumn in Cartmel?

Autumn in Cartmel, from September to November, changes the landscape as leaves turn to shades of orange and red.

Temperatures start to drop, ranging from 10°C to 15°C, and the village experiences an increase in rainfall.

This season offers a quieter, more tranquil visit, with the autumnal scenery providing a stunning backdrop for walks and photography.

What is the Weather Like in Winter in Cartmel?

Winter in Cartmel, covering December to February, sees cooler temperatures, averaging between 2°C and 7°C.

Snow is rare in the village but can be seen on the higher ground in the Lake District.

The weather can be damp and overcast, but this adds to the cosy atmosphere of the village, especially during the festive season.

It’s the perfect time to enjoy the local cuisine in a warm pub or café.

What is the Weather Like in the South Lakes Part of Cumbria?

The South Lakes area, including Cartmel, typically experiences a milder climate than other regions of the UK.

Influenced by the Irish Sea, the area enjoys less extreme temperatures.

Summers are warm but not too hot, while winters are milder, with occasional frost and snow in the higher areas. This climate contributes to the area’s lush landscapes and diverse wildlife.

Where is a Great Place to Stay or Eat Nearby?

The Whitewater Hotel

Near Cartmel, the Whitewater Hotel in Backbarrow is an excellent choice for accommodation and dining.

Located a short drive from Cartmel, this hotel offers luxurious rooms with stunning views of the surrounding natural beauty.

The hotel’s restaurant is renowned for its exquisite cuisine, which features local produce and a variety of dishes to suit all tastes.

The Whitewater Hotel combines comfort, elegance, and a warm welcome, making it a perfect base for exploring Cartmel and the Lake District.

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Does Cartmel Flood Often?

Like many parts of the Lake District, Cartmel is susceptible to heavy rainfall but does not frequently experience severe flooding.

The village has adequate drainage and flood prevention measures in place.

However, during periods of prolonged heavy rain, especially in winter, there can be waterlogging or minor flooding in low-lying areas.

Where is Cartmel?

Cartmel is a village in the Lake District National Park, located within the South Lakeland district of Cumbria, England.

It’s known for its picturesque scenery, historic Cartmel Priory, and the Cartmel Racecourse, which hosts several horse racing events throughout the year.

Cartmel is also famous for its culinary scene, particularly the Cartmel sticky toffee pudding.

The village offers a unique blend of history, natural beauty, and gastronomic delights, making it a popular destination for visitors.

Final Notes On the Weather in Cartmel

Cartmel’s weather, with its distinct seasonal changes, significantly shapes the village’s character and appeal.

Each season offers something unique, from the fresh, vibrant springs to the cosy, quiet winters.

Understanding these weather patterns helps visitors and locals make the most of their time in this charming village, ensuring a delightful experience all year round.

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